Surface Protection

Cleaning Co are your surface protection specialists. Cleaning Co provides surface protection services for Dunedin and the surrounding areas.


Cleaning Co specialises in cleaning, restoration and protection of many surfaces.

Cleaning Co can clean, restore and then apply the Surface Shield range of products to:
• All types of glass surface – shower screens, pool fences, glass balustrades, windows, kitchen splash-backs, mirrors    etc
• All porcelain & ceramic surfaces – shower tiles, floor tiles, vanity basins etc
• Stainless Steel appliances and products – oven & refrigerator doors, kitchen hotplates, external balustrades, marine   applications etc
• Concrete paths and surfaces

We will treat new or existing surfaces.

In most cases it is cheaper to get your surfaces cleaned rather than replacing them.
Surface Shield Treatment will make your surfaces low maintenance and easier to clean.

Surface Shield
is a new technology coating for many surfaces. The easy to clean result appears from a chemical reaction of a gel solution. An ultra thin three dimensional silicone film (nanofilm) is created. This nanofilm gives the surface an extremely durable hydrophobic effect. This prevents water stains, soap, dirt and grime accumulation.
The completely invisible treatment cannot be removed by water, cleaning agents or with high pressure equipment.

Levels of Service
If your surface has a build up of soap scum, dirt and grime we can provide the following levels of service.
A. Cleaning of your surfaces to remove soap scum, dirt and grime.
B. The above plus restoration to effectively remove water stain marks, lime, calcium and other mineral build up.
C. Cleaning and restoration of your surface followed by application of the Surface Shield coating.

Outstanding results!
Your surfaces will:
• Look like new for longer
• Resist staining from hard water deposits
• Be more hygienic
• Not support the growth of bacteria
• Be easier to clean. Cleaning time and effort will be reduced by up to 90%.

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For a free competitive quote call us free on 0800 22 21 88 or use our contact page to email us. We will organise a time to call to assess your needs.


You are about to choose fabrics for your new furniture or furnishings. Would you like your fabrics to retain their new appearance and last longer?

Cleaning Co specialises in protecting the fabric on your furniture, furnishings and carpets. We will also treat your awnings.

Soil Guard Fabric Protection
• Forms an invisible barrier in and around your fabric fibres
• Resists liquid spills
• Resists food spills
• Resists wet and dry dirt
• Releases soil and dust

Soil- Guard will:
• Reduce the likelihood of permanent staining and damage
• Ensure easy to maintain furniture, furnishings and carpets

Cleaning Co can reduce the effects of fading as our product contains UV Filla. UV Filla is a product specifically designed to reduce the effects ultra violet light will have on your fabric. It works much like a sunscreen on the skin, reducing the effects of the harmful rays of the sun.
• It will reduce fading and will therefore prolong the life of the colours of your chosen fabric. Your chosen colours will remain vibrant for longer.
• It will reduce fibre deterioration.

UV Filla will not stop fading from occurring but will discernibly reduce the effect UV light has on colour and fabric. Its effectiveness will depend on a number of factors:
• quality of dyes used
• type of fabric
• position of the furniture in your house

Protect Your Furniture with Soil-Guard Fabric Protector with UV Filla:
• Slows down colour fading.
• Slows down fibre deterioration. Your fabric maintains its new look for longer.
• Does not change the look and feel of your fabric.
• Prevents food and drink spills becoming permanent stains.
• Save you valuable time because your fabric will be easier to clean.
• Makes vacuum cleaning more effective.
• Safe, ozone friendly.

For a free competitive quote call us free on 0800 22 21 88 or use our contact page to email us. We will organise a time to call to assess your needs.

Leather is beautiful, naturally.
Celebrated for its durability, leather has been used as furniture covering for countless generations. Refined over hundreds of years, the tanning and dyeing processes have resulted in the fine leathers we enjoy today. When properly cared for, leather will retain its qualities of strength, softness and suppleness for many years.

Caring for your leather furniture
As the proud owner of your new leather furnishings, you will want to ensure that it is cared for in the best possible manner.
Caring for leather is much like caring for your own skin. Imagine what would happen to your hands if you never washed or moisturised them. Apart from becoming very dirty, they would soon become cracked and chapped.

Cleaning Co will protect your leather furniture and ensure many years of trouble-free comfort and enjoyment. Our products are environmentally safe and will care for your new leather furniture as you would for your own skin. Cleaning Co will also provide you with a conditioner to maintain your leather furnishings every 6 months.

The LeatherGuard Protection Plan will:
• Prevent leather from drying, cracking and peeling.
• Help leather maintain its original soft and supple feel.
• Reduce the likelihood of permanent staining of the leather from food and drink spills, ballpoint ink, lipstick, human and pet body fluids.
• Save you time cleaning your leather upholstery.

For a free competitive quote call us free on 0800 22 21 88 or use our contact page to email us. We will organise a time to call to assess your needs.
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